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Rightfully recognised as “The Best 60s Group Since The 60s,” The Rapiers present a stunning, authentic performance of 60s Pop and Rock and Roll in a fully choreographed show that can be tailor made for corporate and leisure markets alike.

Let The Rapiers take you back to that golden, almost forgotten era when British Rock was young: An era of frothy coffee bars, sharp-cut suits with sharp-toed shoes to match, and juke-boxes pouring out hits from The Shadows, Billy Fury, The Swinging Blue Jeans, Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, Cliff, and so many more!

As both a powerful recreation of the beat music era, and specialists in The Shadows sound, the Rapiers have built up an exemplary reputation, through their close attention to detail in all aspects of their performance. From authentic equipment, instruments and sharp stage suits to their impossibly precise recreation of the early 60s sounds, The Rapiers ARE the 1960s.

Return to the swinging sixties with The Rapiers.
They sound like the real thing because they are
. . . . . . . . . . . . .  The Real Thing

You’re Never Alone with The Rapiers – CD

You’re Never Alone with The Rapiers is the final CD recorded release 22 August 2000 by the Rapiers with Brad Dallaston on bass guitar, Neil Ainsby on rhythm guitar, Colin Pryce-Jones on Guitar and John Tuck on Drums.

  1. The Lynch Mod Ride Again
  2. Lies
  3. The Phantom Stage
  4. Go Back to Daddy
  5. Barney’s Blues
  6. Captain Scarlett
  7. A Certain Girl
  8. Robbesque
  9. Spanish Armada
  10. That’s Alright
  11. Lauren’s Theme
  12. Good Golly Miss Molly
  13. Shady Character
  14. Stay Around
  15. The Lonely Man Theme

This CD is currently available from The Rapiers store and available direct from The Rapiers at most performances.