Press Comments

The Rapiers look, sound and move on stage, exactly like the shadows. The Daily Telegraph

The Rapiers are grand – more than Shadows of the originals. Daily Mirror

The music sounds great . . . and a superb band [The Rapiers] doubles for the Shadows with a version of Apache that’s better than the original. Daily Express

… the band  [The Rapiers], which is grand, and the Shadows, who are more than shadows or the originals, … The Mail on Sunday

One of the great bonuses is instrumental outfit The Rapiers doubling as Cliff’s early backing band The Shadows – they’re stunning – it’s a fantastic sound! Liverpool Echo

All that was inspiring and classic in the sixties can be found encapsulated in The Rapiers. For my money, the best live band to have graced London for years! Time Out

Live, The Rapiers are simply sensational, the most exciting thing in Britain since The Shadows. Rumble

Authentic’s not the word, straight up and down it could have been 1961. Backstreet Heroes

The Rapiers are 1962, from the clothes to the instrumentals and the lifestyle, right down to the fully choreographed stage show. Sounds

The Rapiers are as fresh as a daisy, ready to rock and as vibrant as any of today’s supposed anarchic outfits. The Hit

I am stunned to discover The Rapiers, who seem to have kept faith with this image since it’s inception!!!!!            The Face